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Migraine Relief Cap

Migraine Relief Cap

Revolutionize migraine relief with dual temperature therapy cap!

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🧊 Dual Therapy Relief

🌡️ Full Head Coverage

🌟 Comfortable Wearable Design

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Migraine Relief Cap

Regular price $19.99
Regular price $19.99 Sale price $0.00
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NEW Headache and Migraine Relief Hat Gel Ice Eye Mask or Cap Hot Cold Therapy Sinus & Stress Relief Head Wrap Ice Pack Massage


Name: Cold Compress Hood

Applicable gender: neutral/male and female

material: cotton

Style: simple

How to use:

Cold therapy:

1. Put the cap flat in the refrigerator at -10℃ for 1-2 hours and use it immediately.

2. Take out the cap from the refrigerator and wipe off the moisture.

3 Put on the hat and hold for about 10-15 minutes. (Actual usage will vary)

Note: When putting it in the refrigerator, please put it in an airtight bag to prevent odors.

Heat Therapy:

1. Take out at room temperature, lay the cap flat, use a clean plate, and place in the microwave.

2. Microwave (power down) and put the cap in for 10 seconds. If more heat is needed, the microwave is increased in 5 seconds

3. Put on the hat and hold it in place for about 10-15 minutes.

Note: The temperature should not exceed 55℃/131F, so as not to burn the skin,

NEW Headache and Migraine Relief Hat ,Gel Ice Eye Mask or Cap, Hot Cold Therapy, Sinus & Stress Relief, Head Wrap Ice Pack Massager

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Banish Migraine Misery Instantly

Discover the power to soothe your head's worst enemy right at home. Your Migraine Relief Cap is your personal oasis, offering quick and convenient relief when you need it most.

Embrace Dual Therapy Comfort

Your head, your rules. With the ability to switch between hot and cold therapy, your cap adapts to your unique preferences, ensuring you find the comfort you crave to conquer your headache.

Wrap Yourself in Total Comfort

Your head deserves the best. Experience a custom-like fit with a one-piece, stretchable design that won't slip or squeeze, enveloping you in pure, uninterrupted comfort.

Effortless 360° Head Coverage

Your eyes, temples, and forehead—fully covered. Say goodbye to migraines with a cap that understands your pain points and provides all-encompassing relief in one simple, elegant solution.

Try Migraine Relief Cap for 30 days or get your money back guaranteed!

Experience the ultimate relief with the Migraine Relief Cap - try it risk-free for 30 days!